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Tell us a little about your pet, and one of our trained pet food experts will put together a free, customized pet food plan, just for your pet!


How it Works

  1. Fill out the dog or cat food consult form below and tell us a little about your pet and their nutritional needs.

2. Our pet food experts will put together a personalized recommendation for your dog or cat.

3. Visit your neighborhood shop for your FREE consultation! No appointment needed.

Dog Food Consultation
No appointment needed. Information used to ensure we have recommendations prepared when you arrive.
Cat Food Consultation
Every food carried at Treats Unleashed is free of corn, wheat, soy, and by-products!
No appointment necessary. Information used to ensure we have recommendations prepared when you arrive.

Food Perks

Check out these exclusive perks of buying your pet's food in-store at Treats Unleashed!


All food at Treats Unleashed is 100% guaranteed! If your pet doesn't approve, bring it back, and we'll help you find a better fit.

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As a member of a Frequent Barker Club, we automatically track your food purchases. After you buy 12 bags, the 13th bag is FREE!

Click here for a full list of Frequent Feeder Brands

Choosing the Right Food For Your Pet

Learn what to look for when reading the ingredients list on the back of your pet's food bag, the benefits of feeding healthy pet food and more!

Tips for Rotational Feeding

You don't eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch & dinner every day, so why should your pet? Try rotational feeding to expose your pet to different proteins, nutrients & flavors! We promise their tummies and tongues will thank you for it!

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