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Every month, Treats Unleashed selects a few local rescue groups or pet support partners to shine a spotlight on their contributions. This month, we are highlighting P.A.W.Stoppers and The Wet Nose Project/Second Chance Ranch.

P.A.W.Stoppers – P.A.W. stands for Pups At Work, and this organization directly benefits K9 officers who work hard in our communities every single day. These highly trained, highly intelligent dogs are an essential part of police forces, but it’s not always possible for law enforcement agencies to provide adequate funding for the care, training and maintenance required for these dogs. With this in mind, P.A.W. Stoppers was founded with the basic purpose of assisting Law Enforcement agencies with the appropriation and distribution of funding for police canine-related interests.

The Wet Nose Project/Second Chance Ranch – “We are committed to helping the most needy among our community’s most vulnerable creatures.  We are dedicated to restoring an animals spirit, health, and well being, so that they may find a loving home for the rest of their days.” The Wet Nose Project seeks to help by offering support to rescues, providing meals to pets of senior adults through Whiskers on Wheels, and at Second Chance Ranch, where they offer a home for terminally ill pets in their last days.

Both groups were featured and present at the Oakville Food and Treat Festival on October 2. You can continue to support both groups by purchasing Spotlight Pawprint Treats at your neighborhood Treats Unleashed shop! Thank you for your continued support, Frequent Barkers!

All information from pawstoppersinc.com and wetnoseproject.org

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