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Zignature – Pet Food of the Month

In July, Treats Unleashed is highlighting three Pet Foods of the Month, and today’s blog focuses on Zignature Dog Food. Zignature has been a long time favorite at our shops, going all the way back to it’s creation in 2012! It was one of the few options back then that offered a nutritious dog food that was grain-free, potato-free, and chicken-free. The other major benefit of Zignature was the premium, limited ingredient dog food for a great price. But why the name ‘Zignature’?

“When Pets Global launched Zignature in 2012, they wanted a pet food that could address common food sensitivities and be made with low glycemic binders. Daniel Hereford, president of Pets Global, felt motivated to create a high quality dog foods that met the dietary restrictions of his best friend and beloved boxer, Ziggy. Understanding Ziggy was one of the millions of dogs battling various intolerances and allergens, Daniel felt inspired to share the high-quality formulas he fed to Ziggy with other pet parents and their cherished loved ones.”

Now, Zignature has 13 different formulas of grain-free dry dog food, with wet food varieties AND treats recipes to match each protein source! Choose from catfish, duck, goat, guinea fowl, kangaroo, lamb, pork, salmon, trout & salmon, turkey, venison, whitefish, and Zssentials (a blend of turkey, salmon, duck, and lamb). Some proteins available by special order. Talk to a Treats Unleashed team member for more information!

And, coming soon to Treats Unleashed, Zignature Select Cuts – a grain inclusive food that free of legumes. Select Cuts are available in turkey, trout and salmon, and lamb protein options.

Shop all Zignature dry dog foods, on sale in July – $3 off small bags, $5 off medium bags, and $7 off large bags. BONUS – Ziggy Bars are just $3.99 a bag this month!

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