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Orijen Dog Food – Responsible Sourcing, Clean Eating

Orijen dog food is one of our featured Pet Foods of the Month for June. Along with Acana, Orijen is part of the Champion Pet premium lines of foods for dogs and cats.  We say ‘premium’ here, not because of price, but because of the high level of quality ingredients and sourcing that goes into every bag. Most of their ingredients come directly from farms local to their Kentucky kitchens or American farm sources for a few others. For instance, their fish is supplied by New England fisherman using sustainable methods and the fish are delivered fresh to their Kentucky kitchens – never frozen. Why go to all this trouble for pet food? Here’s what Champion had to say:

“ORIJEN’s World’s Best Ingredients mirror Mother Nature, supplying nutrients in their freshest, most nourishing form.

Our DogStar Kitchen is located in the heart of Kentucky’s dynamic agricultural community where fertile farmlands, rolling grasslands, and Appalachian ranches provide inspiration for our foods and access to many of the fresh ingredients we use through farmers we know and trust.

Responsibly farmed, ranched, or fished by people we know and trust, our ingredients are delivered to our kitchen FRESH or RAW.”

Orijen uses the highest quality ingredients available from sources they know and trust, so you can trust your pet is being fed the very best. By utilizing the freshest ingredients available, these dog and cat foods retain their optimum vitamin and nutrient levels. That’s how Orijen can avoid using long lists of synthetics in their pet foods when it comes to vitamins – making them one of the cleanest options for dry foods!

When you purchase any regular size of Orijen dog food in June, receive a voucher for a FREE Self Serve Wash good through July 31, 2021. Call your neighborhood shop to schedule a Self Serve Wash appointment. Clean up their diet, and clean your dog with Orijen and Treats Unleashed this month!

Information, image and quote from Orijen.ca

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