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Why We Carry the Pet Foods on Our Shelves

Shopping at Treats Unleashed, you may not see some of the familiar big brands you’d see in commercials. You might also see some brands that you’ve never heard of before. At Treats Unleashed, we are committed to providing not only the very best foods and treats for your pet, but also providing the knowledge to go along with it.

So why do we carry these foods over others?

Quality Ingredients – We will not carry any pet food with corn, wheat, soy or animal by-product of any kind. These are the top allergens for dogs and cats, so we just avoid these ingredients altogether. Additionally, all of the foods on our shelves have a meat or meat meal as the first ingredient. When a good protein is the foundation of a food, we know they are packed with other great ingredients.

Trusted Brands – Trust is a two-way street. Of course Treats Unleashed trusts the brands we sell, but these companies trust independent retailers as well. Certain pet food brands, such as Fromm and NutriSource, work exclusively with small shops like ours and will never be sold in a big box store or large online competitors. They know that shopping small means building relationships with customers and providing them with information about their pets’ food. Our owner and founder, Teresa, still hand picks all of the food options we provide. It’s all about trust.

Results You Can See – Our pets get their food here too! With foods that are backed by quality and integrity, every Treats Unleashed team member trusts the brands that we carry to feed our own pets. There are many options to feed your pet, because we know all pets have different nutritional needs. We want to get to know you and your pet, so we can make the best recommendations specifically for them. We are often asked what we feed our pets at home, but we want to tell you why we feed these foods. We believe that good quality food leads to a long and healthy life for your dog or cat. Whether it’s solving a problem or simply getting more out of your pet food, we are here for you.

Have more questions? Visit any neighborhood Treats Unleashed location and speak with one of our team members. Or get started online with a FREE pet food consultation form!

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