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Self Serve Wash – How To

Have you tried our Self Serve Washes? They are a great way to wash your pet yourself without having to worry about cleaning your own bathroom afterwards. At participating Treats Unleashed shops, Self Serve Washes are available by appointment and are only $16 per pet. Shampoo, conditioner, brushes, ear cleaner, cool air dryer, towels and cologne/finishing spray are all included in the cost, and best of all, we clean up after you! Let’s take a walkthrough of the process…

Make an Appointment – Call your neighborhood shop to set a date and time that works best for you to wash your pet. Many times stores can offer same day or next day options for you, and appointments are set on the hour. Each appointment has a 45 minute duration, which allows us to properly clean and disinfect the tub between visits. Looking for your closest shop? Check out our ‘Locations’ page for information on all 17 shops.

Check In – When you arrive at your favorite neighborhood shop, let a Treats Unleashed team member know that you are here for your Self Serve Wash appointment. They will confirm the time, make sure your tub room is all set with your essentials and go through the equipment with you, if you are unfamiliar. Then it’s bath time!

Set up the Tub – If you have a large dog, you’ll want a tub with a door on it and a step stool. If you have a smaller dog, the orange grates can be moved up a level, so they aren’t so deep in the tub. (Ask a Treats Unleashed team member if you need help).

Rinse and Wash – Our Self Serve Washes utilize a HydroSurge system, which effortlessly pumps the shampoo or conditioner in with the high pressure spray. You must have both the hot and cold water turned on full blast to provide enough pressure for the soap to pump through the spray nozzle. Without a high enough water pressure, the soap will not dispense properly. Additionally, the Tropiclean soaps used in our tubs are made with gentle, all-natural ingredients, free of heavy detergents. Consequently, the soap does not foam or lather as much as a traditional shampoo. Use the dial on the wall to switch from ‘Rinse’ to ‘Bathe’. Remember, the soap pulses in with the water and is not a constant stream.

Brush and Fluff – Once washed to your liking, you can dry your pup by brushing them out first, using towels to get most of the water out, then blowing dry with our cool air dryer. The dryer has a couple of different nozzle options for your use, and can be activated by the switch on the wall. Many dogs do not like the sound of the dryer, so make sure to ask for a cozy cone for their ears while drying. Two bins are available in your tub room, one for trash and one for used towels.

Finishing touches – Cotton balls and all natural, quick drying ear cleaner are also available in our Self Serve Washes. Use these to clean the inside of your pup’s ear, but avoid the ear canal. If you would like to use some finishing spray, we offer Spring Plumeria and Blackberry Vanilla. Once completed, let a Treats Unleashed team member know you are finished, and they can prepare the tub room for the next appointment.

Give your tub a break and give our tubs a try! Self Serve Washes are just $10 everyday through January 31, 2021, saving you $6. We hope to see you soon!

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