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Being Thankful for Your Pet

As we near the Thanksgiving holiday, it is a great time to stop and reflect on what is most important in our lives. To be present and grateful for those we love and cherish, especially our pets. They are our constant companions, offering smiles in sadness, and comfort on the days we need it most. And though our gatherings may be smaller this year around the Thanksgiving table, our hearts are full of the love our pets provide. Be sure to make time for your pets this holiday season. Here are a few suggestions to show your appreciation.

Healthy & Happy Life Together – A healthy and happy life for your pet starts with great nutrition. Feeding a good quality food, that’s nutrient dense, means they will get more out of their food while you feed them less. You may already be feeding a high quality dry food, but don’t be afraid to mix it up! Try rotational feeding with different dry formulas within the same brand, or add a different kibble topper every month. Switching up their foods means they’ll be more engaged in their bowl, and have a more complete diet.

Activities & Engagement – Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore! Make it fun by having your pet go with you on a long walk, or simply play with them outside. If you have guests coming over later, plan an activity to do with your pet to help wear them out before they arrive. Bad weather outside? Trying giving your dog a puzzle toy to work with indoors to keep them occupied. Teaser wands are always a favorite with cats for bursts of intense playtime. Engage those hunting instincts!

Treats & Rewards – Our pets are our best friends, so, of course we want to spoil them! Thank your pet with a treat after a long day, on a holiday, or just because. Treats can be a reward after a walk, training session, at home grooming or while you enjoy your dessert (and don’t have to share it, either!). Grab a slice of pumpkin pie for your pet at your neighborhood shop, while supplies last. It’s our pet’s favorite Thanksgiving tradition!

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