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Scary Good Chews

What’s on the slab? Their favorite treats and chews, of course!

It’s time for the Treats Unleashed Body Parts sale, our annual Halloween tradition! We promise, it’s not as ghoulish as it may sound. With the all-natural chews available at Treats Unleashed, though they may be less familiar than what you would see at a big box store, these are less processed and sometimes, single ingredient, leaving less guesswork for you. All are safe for your pet to munch on, and they will love the taste! Here are some of the examples of the “Body Parts” chews on sale this week (10/26-10/31):

Skin – No rawhide here! These are safe options for your pet that are 100% digestible. Try some crunchy cod skins, that are rich in Omegas, or a beef cheek for long lasting chew!

Bones – One of the best and longest lasting chews for your pup are bones, of course! Available in smoked or frozen raw options. Frozen raw bones can also help with your pets’ dental health, with the raw enzymes working hard to remove plaque and tartar – less toothbrushing!! Antlers are also available as a bony chew.

Feet – Duck feet and chicken feet are big favorites for pups! They’ll crunch up the treat, which is a natural source of glucosamine, chondroitin and collagen – all of which are great for joints!

Ears – Another great, natural chew for dogs are animal ears, such as cow, buffalo, and pig. Our cow ears are available in vanilla or peanut butter flavors for extra incentive!

Meat & Organs – Bully sticks, tracheas, tripe twists, gullets, and moo tails, just to name a few…

Save 20% on all of these natural chews this week through Halloween (while supplies last, in-store only). It would be a grave misfortune to miss out on this sale. Need help finding your pets’ favorites? Talk to a Treats Unleashed team member, and they’ll be happy to make some spooky suggestions.

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