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Comfort Food & Cozy Sweaters

Cooler weather means warm food and warm snuggles with our loved ones. Curl up with your pet and share in the best comforts of the season!

Can Foods – Nothing quite like a bowl of your favorite soup, chili or stew on a cold day! Our crockpots definitely get a workout this time of year. Your dog or cat will appreciate a nice can of wet food occasionally too! Fill them up with a hearty stew, such as the Merrick Sweater Weather can for dogs or a packet of Tuna and Turkey BFF cat food, loaded with gravy. Switching up their meals will add excitement to their dinner routine. Cats will especially love the extra moisture. All of the canned foods at Treats Unleashed are complete and balanced nutrition, so you can feed these in place of their regular dry food, or in addition to it!

Bone Broth – Another great way to add moisture to your pets’ diet! Soup doesn’t only have to be on the menu on rainy days. Bone broth is a natural source of glucosamine and gelatin, which aid in joint health and digestive health, respectively. A fantastic option for dogs and cats, Primal Bone Broth can be warmed up and poured over your pets’ regular meal. Intended for supplemental feeding and not a complete diet. (Just think of soup going with your sandwich, instead of alone.) Available in Beef, Chicken, Pork and Turkey.

Sweaters – Gold Paw Fleece are now available at your neighborhood Treats Unleashed shop! Gold Paw have been an annual favorite for us, and we look forward to their new patterns and designs every year. The Duluth Double Fleece feature either a pattern on one side, and a solid color on the opposite, or two different solid colors on either side. That’s like two sweaters for the price of one! The double layer of fleece will also keep your pet extra toasty on those cold days ahead. Also available in single layer fleece. The sizes of the fleece are determined by the number of inches from the base of your pet’s neck to the base of their tail. Make sure to measure before you leave the house, or bring your pet along to try them on in-store! Great for dogs and cats.

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