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Here Kitty Kitty…

New from Treat Planet – Kitty Kitty treats! Freeze-dried morsels of goodness for a meaty treat that will be your feline’s new favorite. With limited or single ingredients, the new Kitty Kitty treats are less filler and more flavor. Choose from three different protein options, depending on your cat’s cravings:

Hare Kitty Kitty – 100% rabbit. That’s all you’ll find in these treats. Rabbit has been a long time favorite for cats, whether it’s in the wild or in their pet food. Satisfy their cravings with these freeze-dried rabbit treats.

Surf Kitty Kitty – Seize the taste of the seas with these 100% whitefish and krill treats. Whitefish is freeze-dried, then rolled in krill powder giving these morsels a unique flavor that cats adore.

Cluck Kitty Kitty – Not your average chicken nugget! 100% chicken is freeze-dried, then rolled in catnip powder. While catnip is known for its irresistible aroma, it also has great dietary functionality, including a good source of fiber.

Treat Planet’s feline board of approval was unanimous in their decision. These treats are highly palatable and sure to please even the pickiest of cats! Try a flavor with your cat today. Kitty Kitty treats are also a featured Monthly Special in September. Save $1 on any bag purchased all month long! Shop the September Monthly Specials here.

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