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Eat Like A Shark!

It’s Shark Week! We are looking at fun ways your dog or cat can be more like a shark, besides putting a fin on their back. One way they can be most similar to a shark is by their diet. Sharks have a varied diet extending to various fish, mollusks, crustaceans, other sharks and even seabirds! Here are some of the foods and treats from our shelves that you might find in the deep.

Acana Wild Atlantic – This dry food is loaded with whole fish including mackerel, herring, redfish, hake and flounder! Fish make a wonderful, lean protein source while being a natural source of Omega Fatty Acids. Omegas are beneficial for maintaining a healthy skin and coat. Wild Atlantic is available in recipes for both dogs and cats.

OC Raw Dog Freeze-Dried Treats – From the ocean to your pet’s bowl! OC Raw Dog has freeze-dried mahi mahi or swordfish available as a premium treat or crumble over their food for an extra boost of flavor, texture and protein.

Primal Edible Elixirs Omega Mussel Melange – Top your pet’s kibble with a natural source of Omega 3, glucosamine and chondroitin (which support joint health)! Primal’s Edible Elixirs aren’t just a tasty gravy to add to your pet’s dish, they are functional foods as well. Great for dogs and cats!

Is your dog not a fan of fish? They may show you their “great whites” when they open their jaws for a treat! Visit our treat tables for some Shark Week themed treats. We can assure you, no fish were harmed in the making of these fresh baked treats.

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