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Vetdiet – Backed By Science

Vetdiet is relatively new to Treats Unleashed, but their team has been focused on better pet health through better nutrition for over 25 years. The seal on their products state that they are a family owned business, developed by experts, and backed by science. Like Treats Unleashed, Vetdiet believes that a long and healthy life for your pet is built on the foundation of good nutrition. Their nutritional philosophy guides them in the creation of every product they make, centered on Genuine Expertise and guided by three key pillars: Lifelong Pet Health, Purposeful Design and Authentic Benefits. Let’s look at those principles more closely.

Genuine Expertise – As the name suggests, Vetdiet was created by a team of vets to provide the best, scientifically backed nutrition for your pet. They utilize the latest scientific findings and innovations to improve their pet foods. Making sure your pet always gets the very best, even as pet food evolves.

Lifelong Pet Health – High quality and properly balanced nutrition are the keys to a long and happy life for your pet. Your pet’s needs also change as they grow, and Vetdiet has foods to meet them at every milestone. By matching their diet to what their age requires, Vetdiet provides the best for what your pet needs at this stage of their life.

Purposeful DesignVetdiet is designed to meet the needs of pets by providing the right nutrients in the right amounts from carefully selected sources, using all natural and functional ingredients. This means that every component of a Vetdiet food is selected not only for a reason, but for a purpose. They will never compromise the integrity of their food simply to be “more natural” or trendy. Just top quality food with the best performing ingredients for your pet.

Authentic Benefits – “We create real food that people trust to provide visible benefits for the health and longevity of their pets. These benefits meet the real nutritional needs of pets and are evident in a healthy skin and coat, optimal digestion and energy balance.”

Interested in a great food, created by a team of veterinary experts, with benefits you can see? Try Vetdiet with your dog or cat! Want to discuss some food options? Talk to one of our pet food experts to get to know their recommendations, as well as a closer look at the brands we carry. Get a head start by filling out this FREE Pet Food Consultation form.

All information from vetdiet.com/us/nutritional-philosophy/

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