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New Dog or Cat in your Family? We can help you get started.

Congratulations on your new family member! Maybe this is your first pet, your first new pet in awhile, or just a new member of the four legged crew. No matter the reason, Treats Unleashed is here to help you get started on the right track with our New Adoption Bundle. Get all of the essentials you need for your dog or cat, and save a few bucks besides. Here are some of the items on the checklist:

Food – Every pet’s life (or new life with you!) should start with healthy nutrition. At Treats Unleashed, we believe that a long and healthy life is directly connected to a healthy diet. From kibble, to can food, meal toppers, freeze-dried, and frozen raw, there are many healthy options at Treats Unleashed! Talk to a pet food expert for a FREE food consultation, or fill one out before your visit here.

Food and Water Bowls – You’ll need a bowl for their food and water! Many varieties in store from simple to elevated and elegant. Some water fountains available for cats as well.

Collar/Harness/Leash/ID Tag – Take a walk on the style side! Find their signature look with a collar, personalize an ID tag, and get a leash/harness combo for walking. Shop collars, leashes and harnesses.

Clean Up – It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it… Might as well get what you need at a discount! Stain remover spray, litter box, cat litter, litter scoop, and even Poochie Bells. Shop Clean Up

Grooming Supplies – Help keep your pet’s coat looking it’s best, even between appointments. Choose the right brush, shampoo, conditioner, and nail trimmer for your pet. Shop Grooming Supplies

Crate and Crate Mat/Bed – Your pet needs somewhere to sleep that’s not, you know, your bed… Crates are excellent for potty training as well! If your pet needs their own bed, we have many plush options available in-store. Browse the many colors and patterns to see what works best with your decor. Shop Crates and Beds.

Interactive Toys – This is where the fun begins! When you are ready for playtime, Treats Unleashed has lots of fun, interactive toys to keep your pet engaged both with and without you. Some of our favorites include West Paw Qwizls for dogs, and Go Cat Purr-pellers for cats – though we have many more online and in-store. Shop Dog Toys and Cat Toys.

Best of all, you’ll save 10% when you buy three items from these categories and save 25% when you buy 5 items from this list. So, visit your neighborhood Treats Unleashed to get a free food consultation, all the pet supplies you need, save some money, and start your journey together with your new dog or cat. Offer is only good in-store, when you show your new adoption papers. Browse online to get some ideas before you visit and fill out the FREE Pet Food Consultation Form for a speedy in person experience!

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