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Let’s plan a Picnic!

New to Treats Unleashed this year, the Apple Pie Picnic Pack for Pets! What Fourth of July cookout is complete without some BBQ, yard games, and All-American Apple Pie? Share a taste of Summer with your dogs and cats.

Fire Up the Grill! – Koha Pet Foods has some awesome wet food options for your dog or cat. Memphis Barbecue Stew for Dogs features Chicken and Pork in a rich gravy sauce. For a feline option, Koha Poke Bowl Packet with red meat tuna and beef, loaded with shredded and minced meat and gravy. Poke Bowl packets provide the moisture your cats need to stay hydrated, even in warmer weather.

Popsicles that won’t melt – Cool Pup popsicle toys are flavored and refillable toys, that are durable enough to last multiple Summers! Choose from orange, blueberry, or melon flavors, all available in two different sizes. Each toy has a hollow center that can be filled with water (or bone broth for an extra tasty treat!) and frozen. Perfect for a hot summer day! These toys can also be enjoyed without any added liquid.

Pet safe Apple Pie – Handmade from scratch, safe for dogs and cats! These pies are made from favorite ingredients that your pets have come to know and love from Treats Unleashed. Crusts are made from our Honey Bear recipe, rolled out a bit thinner. Then the filling is made with eggs, honey, cinnamon, and applesauce – no extra sweeteners here. Available by the slice or whole pie.

Preorder your Apple Pie Picnic Pack for Pets today, and pick up in-store between Saturday, June 27 and Friday, July 3. All Treats Unleashed shops will be closed on Saturday, July 4 to celebrate the holiday. Share Summer with your best furry friend and celebrate in style!

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