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Easy Solutions for Pet Dental Care

In early February, love is in the air as we think of Valentine’s Day and all of the sweets to our sweethearts. February is also Pet Dental Health Month, perhaps due to all of the treats from Valentine’s Day. Depending on your dog or cat, keeping their mouth clean can be a bit of a chore or could require a trip to the vet – which involves anesthesia, tooth loss and a bill! Take the natural route at Treats Unleashed with healthy and easy options to keep their teeth pearly white. Here are some of the solutions on the shelves of your neighborhood shop:

Brushless Toothpaste ChewsArk Naturals makes a tasty chew stick that your pet will love, and the toothpaste center helps clean their teeth while they chew. They get a treat and do all the work themselves! Available in four sizes, specific to their size and weight.

Fresh Breath Water Additive – Great for dogs and cats! Tropiclean has a fresh breath booster that also helps clean your pet’s mouth at the same time. Made with all natural ingredients, such as green tea leaf extract. Simply add a cap full to your pet’s water dish any time you refill. Helps defend against plaque and tartar!

Raw Meaty Bones – While this may not be your first thought, raw bones are actually a great way to clean up your pet’s mouth. The raw enzymes clean your pet’s teeth, making them bright and healthy again. You just might want to have some Tropiclean Fresh Breath handy for afterwards… Raw bones are perfectly safe when they have been processed for safety, such as the Primal bones in the freezers at Treats Unleashed. Just treat them like you would a raw meat in your kitchen – wash hands and surfaces after use.

Talk to the experts at your neighborhood Treats Unleashed about what easy solutions would work best for your dog or cat.

Photo of Reece, courtesy of Love A Golden Rescue