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February Pet Picks!

Treats Unleashed loves the foods and products on their shelves and trust their quality – but what do the pets think? Here are some recommendations from the Treats Unleashed Pet Family.

Primal Pet Foods

“My boys love primal everything. They love the raw, freeze dried, goats milk, bone broth, but their favorite- primal bones. They both have beautiful teeth, will do anything for a bone, and it keeps them busy for well over an hour which is a hard things to do! You also can’t beat the price for the 6 pack!!” – Sonia, Chesterfield

Save 20% on Primal when you buy 3 or more products. Mix and match, or stock up on their favorites!

Farmina Pet Food

“My cat Neith absolutely loves Farmina. I started her on it months ago and it’s the only kibble that she actually begs for over wet food. She also has some allergies and a heart condition and she has been doing amazing since I switched her over. She’s eating the N&D Prime Chicken and Pomegranate. (:” – Kaitlyn, Cottleville

Farmina Cat Dry Foods are $2 off in February. Farmina Dog Dry Foods are $2 off small bags, $4 off medium bags, $5 off large bags.

Merrick Fresh Kisses Chews

“My Dakota has used Fresh Kisses for several years now in addition to raw food and bones for dental health. His teeth are in great shape for a 12 year old and his breath in wonderfully kissable. You can see him showing off his pearly whites and beautiful smile” – Karen, Cottleville

Save $2 on all purchases of Merrick Fresh Kisses this month! These chews come in multiple sizes and are available in mint or coconut flavors.

GivePet Treats

“Give pet has a nice flat side that fits perfectly on Greenbean’s forehead, so she can show off her balance-the-treat skills. Her favorite is the Breakfast flavor.” – Diane, Des Peres

GivePet treats are $1 off in February, and as a bonus, GivePet will donate a dollar to rescue for every bag purchased!

Koha Poke’ Bowl Pouches

“My cat Georgie is a tuna guy so he has been loving the Poke Bowls! It’s just the right balance of chunks and gravy so the bowl is always clean after he’s done!” – Allison, Columbia

Koha Poke’ Bowls are just 99¢ this month. Try one of eight flavors with your cat!

Vetdiet Pet Food

“My Shiba, Donut, loves Vetdiet quite a bit! He’s been on it since we brought him home. Hes 5 months old now, and I can say Vetdiet gives him a lot more energy to run around my couch… which he does for like 15 min before passing out. I can tell its helping his skin and coat too. He is far less itchy, and his shed is a bit more tame than when we brought him home 3 month ago. He also loves the taste!” – Ethan, Tremont Square

Vetdiet Formulas are $4 off of medium bags, and $6 off of large bags in February. Vetdiet uses healthy grains and fresh ingredients to support heart health.


All sales and offers good through February 29, 2020, while supplies last.

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