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New at TU – Vetdiet

Pet Feeding Tip – One size does not fit all

Much like people, the dietary needs of pets vary by individual. What works best for one pet may be totally different than their family member, which is why there are so many different pet foods. Figuring out what works best is sometimes difficult, but the pet food experts at Treats Unleashed are here for you. Finding a food that gives your pet their best life is the reason Treats Unleashed was started back in 2002. Let Treats Unleashed find a food that will help your dog or cat thrive! Fill out this quick free food consultation form, and a Treats Unleashed team member will have some recommendations ready for your next visit!

Vetdiet is a Canadian based company established in 1993, developed by veterinarians and certified nutritionists. They use only natural ingredients, starting with the freshest, nutrient-rich whole ingredients available. If they do use processed ingredients, they use the most minimally processed. Every ingredient must meet their high standard before being included in any of their recipes. Vetdiet’s hope is to create foods for dogs and cats that provide them with the healthy benefits for a long life, including optimal digestion, healthy skin and coat, and energy balance.

Whole grain formulas are balanced to provide healthy nutrition for your pet at Vetdiet. They feature a heart health blend, which includes taurine, methionine, lysine and L-carnitine.

Whole grains can actually be part of a healthy diet for dogs. See how and why whole grains are used in Vetdiet formulas:

  1. Healthy whole grains are a good source of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber plays an important role in modulating bowel movement, influencing immune function and gut microbiota profile, diluting caloric density, contributing to weight loss, and indirectly, ameliorating the incidence of obesity and diabetes mellitus in the pet population.
  2. Whole grains like oats and barley have glycemic lowering effects. As such, they deliver energy in a steadier way, keeping your pet full longer for sustained energy throughout the day. More processed sources of carbohydrates may give your pet a quick boost in energy, but that will usually be followed by a “crash” in energy, lethargy, and a pet that is hungry way before mealtime.
  3. At Vetdiet®, we choose to feed pets responsibly by providing diets with digestible proteins to deliver the right amount and balance of amino acids based on the true requirements of cats and dogs. We use healthy grains to provide readily-available energy, and in doing so, are limiting the carbon footprint of each Vetdiet® bag by not over-using proteins.

Vetdiet® also joined Treats Unleashed’s Buy 12, Get 1 FREE Frequent Feeder Program! Buy 12 bags, get the 13th bag FREE! 

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