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Does your pet seem to ‘go’ too much?

How often does your pet do their doodie?

Too many or too few bowel movements can be a sign of a dietary deficiency. Up to five times a day can be normal, but each pet is different. If they seem to be having irregularities with their ‘go’, whether in frequency or consistency, their diet could be to blame. Make sure your pet has a balanced diet and exercise routine, and this can help solve their tummy troubles. Does your pet seem constipated? A diet with rich, natural fiber can support regular bowel movements, along with plenty of fresh water. Need a fresh perspective on their food? Try our fast Pet Food Consultation Form, and let a Treats Unleashed team member research some of the best options for your pet’s diet.

While less common, there could be a more medical reason for your pet’s GI problems. Always consult your vet if you suspect something more is going on with your pet, and the Treats Unleashed team will love to work with you and your vet’s recommendations.

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