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Pet Safe Pumpkin Pie

Making Pumpkin Pie for your pets has been a Treats Unleashed Thanksgiving tradition for 11 years! The idea started, like so many of our treats, as a way for pets to take part in some of our favorite flavors while being completely safe – no table scraps or vet visits. We used our popular Honey Bear crunchy treat dough as a base for the crust, and used pumpkin puree’, honey, oats, white and wheat flours, eggs and canola oil to create the filling. The result was a tasty pumpkin pie that pets have been enjoying ever since! These pies are free of preservatives, so they are good for a week in the fridge or about a month in the freezer.

Pies are available by the slice or as a whole pie, though our most popular option is the Thanksgiving Dinner combo. This includes a slice of pie and a can of Merrick Thanksgiving Dinner for dogs, or a slice of pie and a can of your feline’s favorite dinner. Whole pies have become a favorite recently, as they make excellent host gifts and conversation starters at the dinner table!

Start a new tradition this year or continue your pet’s favorite Thanksgiving tradition with Treats Unleashed! Secure a slice for your pet today or make a dinner decision.

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