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Trick or Treat Safety Tips for your pet

We are reminded every year about safety for kids around Halloween, but what about your fur kids? While you should always exercise safety when walking with your pets (or human kids), this is one of the busiest nights of the year for parties and pedestrians. You may want to consider reenforcing your walking routine and equipment. Here are some safety tips for your pet this Halloween.

Keep your pets close – Consider a shorter leash when walking your pet on Halloween night. If you have a retractable leash, lock it at a shorter distance. Having the retractable line run free can be a hazard for your pet and other trick-or-treaters.

Blinded by the light – Have your pet wear a harness or jacket with reflective strips, so they are easily seen by any cars or flashlights. Collar lights are another great option, and the SpotLit options at Treats Unleashed have constant light or flashing light modes. If your pet is in a costume, consider adding reflective tape.

Short walks, big reward – Being such a busy nigh, make your walk with your pet a shorter loop than usual. They’ll want to greet all of their neighborhood friends, so even if the distance is shorter, it may take longer. Your pet will likely be tired after the walk too!

Keep your treats separate – Human treats should not mix with your pet’s treat haul. Take a treat bag for your pet! Keep your chocolate and sweet treats up and away from pet reach. Be the fun house on your street, and make some goodie bags for your neighborhood pet friends!

Treats Unleashed has plenty of healthy homemade treats for your pets and their friends. Talk to a TU team member about some good trick or treat options for your favorite pets!

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