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Introducing Tiki Cat Raw!

When Rad Cat ceased operations last October, Treats Unleashed searched for a similar product in feline raw foods. Fortunately, Tiki Cat developed their own raw food formula and launched in early 2019. Similar to Rad Cat, Tiki Cat’s raw features a meat forward formula, without fruits or vegetables, for a complete and balanced diet. Additionally, Tiki Cat raw is also available in frozen tubs, which you scoop the soft textured raw out when thawed. Here are some of the great features of this new food:

  • softer texture than most commercial raw foods, which may increase palatability for your cat
  • complete and balanced nutrition
  • no fruits or vegetables, no animal by-product, no grains, no hormones
  • made with non-GMO ingredients and never any artificial preservatives
  • resealable packaging
  • finished packaged product is pasteurized for safety

All Tiki Cat raw foods are made in their SQF III facility in Missouri. SQF stands for Safe Quality Food, and level three is the highest certification available. Tiki Cat knows that cats thrive on a meat based diet, but also realize there are some concerns when handling raw foods. Safety is paramount. They would suggest some simple tips to handling raw foods for your pet:

  • wash hands, utensils, and any surfaces that came in contact with raw food
  • do not microwave or heat any raw – if you need to thaw the food, let it come to temperature in the refrigerator overnight to feed the following morning
  • discard any raw leftovers after 30 minutes

As many cat owners know, felines tend to be a bit picky when it comes to their foods. Each cat will take their own time on warming up to something new, such as raw food. Start small with a side dish or a kibble topper before making the jump to full raw meals. Just as you would transition to a new kibble slowly, you should slowly incorporate raw into their diet routine. Available in five different varieties, there’s sure to be a recipe your cat will love! Try some Tiki Cat raw today!

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