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Being a Busy Foster Mom

“Dogs that live in foster homes are simply more adoptable.  Potential adopters feel much more comfortable when adopting from a dog living in a home that can tell them about their personalities at home.  When talking to potential adopters about foster dogs, you’re able to tell them simple things like how the dog signals to go outside, which can be all the difference in the world to a dog appearing potty trained or seeming to not be potty trained.  Every foster home will bring their own unique mix to the table, but the simple fact is that dogs living in shelters simply can’t get the kind of one on one interactions and attention that they get in foster homes.

Think your life is too busy?  I understand. I’ve got a full time job, a young kid with a schedule full of activities, and 3 dogs of my own.  To complicate that even further, one of my dogs is older and very dog selective and another is a 5 pound chihuahua.  It obviously takes a very special dog to fit into our busy lifestyle and selective pack of pups. However, we’ve had nothing but excellent luck with having organizations that work with us and contact us only when they think that they have the right fit for our household.  

So many times, I hear people tell me they couldn’t possibly foster because they would fall in love with the dog.  And they’re absolutely right. I’ve fallen in love with every foster that has walked through the door of my house. Perhaps I could have kept that very first foster dog, but then my house would have been full. Over the last ten years I’ve been able to assist in foster and transport of over 70 dogs. Every time they find their forever home, we celebrate and cheer. We smile as we get updates and it warms my heart to see them so happy and thriving in their forever homes.” – Erika, store manager at Treats Unleashed

Are you interested in fostering a pet in the KC area and want to learn more? Visit our Leawood shop on October 19 for our Finding Fosters event!

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