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Meet the Ladue team!

Have you chatted with Ladue’s store manager, Kelly, lately? Kelly is an expert in pet food, durable toys, puzzle toys and long lasting chews! She has been with Treats Unleashed for the past 3 years and was recently promoted to Ladue’s store manager! She has 4 boxers, including shop dog Audi, who owns every Fluff & Tuff dog toy ever made! But the real leader of her pack is Meow Meow, her 18 year old kitty cat. Everyone does as she says because she is the boss!
The rest of Treats Unleashed Ladue pack:
  • Daniel is the Assistant Store Manager, and his favorite part of his job is helping customers find exactly what they need for their pets.
  • Gabbi joined the team in June, and she has a 5 year old cat named Wildflower! She goes CRAZY for the Paradise Mice infused with honeysuckle! Stop in and ask Gabbi for her favorite assortment of cat treats and toys!
  • Stephanie also joined the team in June! She adopted her doggie, Evie, from the Humane Society about a year ago and her favorite toy is the Busy Buddy Magic Mushroom puzzle feeder. It keeps her occupied for hours!
  • Kim has always had a passion for animals! She has 2 crazy, adorable pups named Raven and Gunner. Their favorite toys are the Wacky Walk’r Wunderball and the Classic Kong.

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