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Focused on Food: NutriSource Pet Foods

Treats Unleashed is focused on providing the very best foods for your pet, so they can live their best lives. We believe that better nutrition means better health, which is why owner, Teresa Miller, carefully selects every brand that sits on our shelves.

NutriSource Pet Foods are made in Perham, Minnesota by a third generation, family owned company. They know that the pet food world is constantly changing and evolving, and it can be hard to choose a food for your pet for life. NutriSource has multiple options with their foods, including healthy grains, grain-free, chicken free, and pea-free kibble options for your pets should their needs or diet change. There are multiple protein options for your pet with NutriSource foods as well, and they encourage a rotational diet when possible.

NutriSource also has their exclusive Good4Life system incorporated in all of their foods. From their website: “Our Good 4 Life system uses Proteinated Micronutrients that are easily absorbed into your pet’s system and not lost through waste. This will boost your pet’s Immunity to help fight off disease. Selenium Yeast is a nutrient that your pet needs to stay healthy, it benefits brain, liver and pancreatic functions. It improves antioxidant status in your pet and protects the body from free radicals. Prebiotics and Probiotics benefit good gut health. This will help your pet feel and look good by reducing bad bacteria, controlling the PH in the lower GI tract to maintain an environment for good bacteria to thrive and increase digestion of nutrients. This will also help with gas and loose stools.”

Feeding less food, with denser nutrients, leads to less waste. Talk to a Treats Unleashed Pet Food Expert today to see if NutriSource is a good fit for your dog or cat!

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