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Who wants to go for a ride?!?

Our pups love to take a ride in the car with us whether it’s just to the park or across state lines. With holidays and holiday weekends ahead, travel times are rapidly approaching. Be sure you have everything you need before you hit the road. Treats Unleashed has solutions for pets of all sizes!

Small Dogs – For our little friends, we really like the Lookout booster seats from Snoozer Pet Products. It’s cushy interior gives your small pup (or cat!) a place to sit that puts them up at window height. There’s a slot along the backside where the seat belt can anchor the Lookout in place, and you can tether your pet’s harness so they are safe and secure. The Lookout 2 model also features a drawer to store all of those extra pet supplies while on the road.

Medium Dogs – Depending on how big your medium pup is, a Lookout seat may not be the best option. Some pups like to move a round a bit more in the back seat. A seat belt tether from Kurgo works well here. It snaps in place where the seat belt buckle normally would and the other end hooks to your pet’s harness. The length is adjustable, so try a few options to see what works best for your pet. A nice companion piece here would be the Backseat Bridge, also from Kurgo. This helps cover the gap between the seat and the floor, so your pet won’t fall between, should you come to a short stop. There’s also a divider, with an extra cup holder, to keep your pet in the backseat rather than trying to get up front with you.

Large Dogs – A standard seat belt tether doesn’t necessarily work as well with larger dogs. Kurgo had this in mind when they created the Auto Zip Line. This is a strap that connects to the handles above your rear passenger doors, with a tether that slides. When hooked to your pet’s harness, it allows our larger pets greater freedom to move around in the back seat. Pair the Auto Zip Line with a bench seat cover for complete protection of your pet and your car.

If you are headed out of town soon or looking for some new travel options, visit your neighborhood Treats Unleashed. Our team members would be happy to show you all of these options and answer any questions you may have.

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