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How do you top their kibble? Cans, cups, boxes and pouches

Dry cereal can be a good snack on the go, but can you imagine eating nothing but dry cereal everyday? It’s the same for our pets. Sure, rotational feeding, or changing the protein source with each bag purchased, can help keep your pet engaged in their bowl but make sure to get in the full rotation! Rotational feeding can also mean changing up what you put on top of their kibble. Wet or canned foods are a great way to make your pet’s meal time more enticing. They add texture, flavor, and most importantly extra moisture and nutrients in their diet. Just a spoonful from a can will make your dog do a happy dance! Some cats may enjoy wet food on top of their kibble, while some will prefer it on the side. Find out what works best for your feline, and increase the moisture in their diet. By adding more moisture to your pet’s diet, you will actually increase their water consumption as well. This can help keep kidney and urinary issues at bay with proper hydration!

Treats Unleashed has a variety of options when it comes to wet foods from the brands available, to the type of wet food and their containers. Cans are the old standard, but brands, such as Tiki Pet and Stella & Chewy’s have expanded to cups and boxes for their wet food formulas. Weruva makes many, many different kinds of foods available in cans and pouches. They’ve even introduced pate’ pouches most recently. One of the best parts about packets for cats is the increased gravy content – even more moisture that your cat will love! While most wet foods are complete diets, you can just use these as toppers for your pet’s kibble instead. Simply cut back on the full amount of dry food and add a small amount of wet food and mix well. Keep the unused portion of wet food in the refrigerator. Most brands keep for 7-10 days. This is a great way to get your money’s worth from the wet food, as well as stretch out your kibble! Having a few cans available can come in handy if you are suddenly low on food too. Your pets will love the flavor and the variety!!

If you would like some suggestions or new options for your pet’s diet, visit our FREE Pet Food Consultation Form. Once completed, a Treats Unleashed team member will prepare some selections for your pet on your next store visit.

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