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Beating Bowl Boredom

Think about your pet’s food. Can you picture it? Is it just the same scoop of brown kibble in their bowl for breakfast and dinner every day? Now, picture your food. Is it the same every day? No, because that gets pretty boring. While your pet cannot vocalize their dietary boredom, they can show you in other ways. Most often, by simply not eating their meal.

At Treats Unleashed, we strongly recommend rotational feeding, which helps change up your pet’s diet. Not only does this keep interest in their bowl, but also provides nutritional benefits as well.  Rotational feeding refers to changing the protein source of their kibble as well as changing what’s on top of their kibble. Topping your dog’s kibble is a great way to add nutrition and incentive to their bowl! You can do this by adding a scoop of canned food, a splash of goat milk or bone broth, or a sprinkle of freeze-dried raw. Think of it like adding that scoop of guac to your nachos. You don’t have to add something every single time, but it can make the meal extra special. Not only will your pet get the added nutritional benefits of the topper, but they will also be wagging their tails with joy!

Cats may be a bit pickier when it comes to mixing textures of wet and dry foods in one meal. Your feline friend may prefer their “sauce on the side.” Try giving your cat a wet food meal for 25% of their diet, or every fourth meal. This will increase their moisture intake, which can help avoid digestive and urinary issues in the future.

So, how do you top their kibble? Visit your neighborhood Treats Unleashed to discuss some kibble toppers for your pet today.

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