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New Cravings – Tiki Cat Aloha Friends Pouches

Is your cat looking for something new in their bowl? Tiki Cat has brand new Aloha Friends pouches with chicken as the first ingredient, backed up by a savory chicken broth for a tasty way to hydrate. These new pouches also feature pumpkin puree as a gentle source of fiber, helping regulate digestion and providing some hairball relief. Chicken, chicken broth, and pumpkin are the pillars of the new Aloha Friends pouches. From there, you can choose from four additional varieties, making five total wet food options for your feline. The varieties include:

  • Chicken with Pumpkin
  • Chicken with Pumpkin and Beef
  • Chicken with Pumpkin and Duck
  • Chicken with Pumpkin and Egg
  • Chicken with Pumpkin and Lamb

What makes these different than other pouches?

Aloha Friends pouches are meat-rich and boast an 11-12% protein level, higher than most comparable cat pouches. The use of broth, where most brands use water, increases the palatability and provides extra moisture to your cat’s diet.

Try some new flavors of Tiki Cat Aloha Pouches with your cat today!