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NEW-trition – Upgrading what’s in your pet’s bowl

Treats Unleashed carries the very best in all-natural pet foods, with results you can see in your pet’s well-being. Just like people food, it comes down to the QUALITY of the the ingredients and proper portions to maintain a healthy diet. Pet foods at Treats Unleashed always have the highest quality available fresh ingredients, with fresh meat as the first ingredient. Not all pet foods are made with the same care, though. Just as fast food can be quick, cheap and convenient, but not necessarily healthy for you. When your family cooks dinner, you know everything that goes into your meal with carefully selected ingredients. Treats Unleashed offers multiple FAMILY OWNED pet food brands that take the same care with the ingredients in your pet’s food.

All natural. Whole grain. Grain-free. Freeze-dried. Frozen raw. With so many great options, where do you start? The team members at Treats Unleashed are here to help you navigate the aisles! We have found the best results in upgrading your pet’s meals comes from finding a similar recipe to what you are already feeding them. Don’t make too large of a shift too quickly, as it can lead to digestion upsets. Because the flavors are familiar, your pet will still enjoy the taste and because of the better quality of ingredients, you will see the improvements in their skin and coat, firmer stools, and more energy. Rotating the proteins after your pet’s new food brand is established is a great way to keep your pet excited about meal time and will give your pet something to wag about!

Find a new pet food at Treats Unleashed today.  Short on time? Fill out our FREE online dry dog food consultation form and a Treats Unleashed team member will make a few recommendations based on your criteria on your next visit. All of the pet food brands that we carry are backed by the guarantee that if your pet doesn’t like it, bring it back to find something they will love.

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