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Rotational Feeding – Mixing Up Their Diet

What is ‘rotational feeding‘? Rotational feeding refers to changing the protein source of your pet’s food, as well as the type of food, such as dry, canned, raw, and freeze-dried raw. This provides your pet with a well rounded diet, full of variety of tastes and textures. Rotational feeding also benefits your pet by providing different nutrients through the multiple formulas being fed, which helps establish good digestive health. The variety of foods keeps the excitement in your pet’s bowl and provides nutritional benefits!

Switching up your pet’s diet doesn’t have to be complicated, though. Start with small changes to their food bowl to help avoid stomach upset. Zignature is one of April’s Pet Foods of the Month, and their special is a perfect opportunity to introduce rotation in your pet’s dry food routine. When you purchase any large size bag of Zignature, receive a FREE 4 lb bag of another Zignature formula. Try something new this month, while buying their favorite formula. As always, all of our food is 100% guaranteed. If your pet doesn’t love their new food, bring it back to any Treats Unleashed to find a food they will love. Once your pet is doing well with dry food rotation, try adding canned food, freeze-dried raw or a liquid supplement, such as goat milk or bone broth. Keep things fun and interesting for your pet, while improving their overall health too!

Talk to a Treats Unleashed team member about rotational feeding today. We want to work with you to find the best solutions for your pet family.

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