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Why our Groomers love Treats Unleashed Grooming

There are so many different types of dogs and cats, all with different personalities, which is why our groomers take the time to get to know your pets before they ever reach the grooming table. We want to have a conversation with you about what type of appointment you want and what is most ideal for your pet, because ours is a personalized service that we stand behind. You want the very best for your companion and we want to bring our highest level of care to every single appointment. Here are a few words from our groomers about why they love the Treats Unleashed difference.

I am so happy that I joined the Treats Unleashed family.  I really like the sense of community I get from working in Des Peres… The best part about grooming is the one on one attention I get to give every pet. I get to focus on one pet/family at a time.  Even a rough day is pretty great when you work with the most cared for pups in St. Louis. ” – Lara, Des Peres

I love working for TU because they want what is best for the pet, which means quality over quantity. They let me take as much time as I need with each groom so I can spend time with the dogs and get to know them. I love not being rushed! I look forward to going to work each day to not only groom my clients, but to spend personal quality time with them! TU 100% saved my grooming career. At my previous job, we were forced to take more dogs than we were capable of doing just to make the company money. That couldn’t be farther from how Treats Unleashed runs things! I love TU grooming.”- Emily, Creve Coeur

What I love the most is building relationships with clients and their dogs. I love talking with customers in the store and getting to know them. Best of all I love all the one on one time I get with all of the dogs I groom.” – Stephanie, Chesterfield

I love our stress-free grooming at Treats Unleashed. Each dog gets their own amount of time so it’s just me and the dog getting to spend time together and they get to relax a little easier since it’s quiet and then they get to go home instead of being stressed in a crate for hours. When they walk out of the room you can tell they feel fresh, clean, and cute.” – Brittney, Kirkwood

I love the dogs and the creativeness of being a groomer. It is rewarding for me to take a scruffy pet and turn it into a “work of art”. Not only that, I love helping them feel better. I love that there is always something new to learn and no day is ever the same. And finally I love when returning/regular customers come in and their dog starts getting so excited to see me. Makes my day.” – Sarah, Leawood

I love grooming at TU because I am encouraged to take my time on each dog and cater to all their needs. I am not rushed to get a certain amount of dogs in per day, which enables me to make sure that every pet is up to my quality standards before they leave. I also love that my clients can consult with me about food, and actually buy product I recommend on the spot.” – Hannah, Richmond Heights

Being that it is a salon that you can have more one on one with your pup clients you really get to enjoy each and every dog and really get to have fun with them and play with them. That makes our pups enjoy coming back and seeing our groomers.” – Julie, O’Fallon

By far my most favorite thing about having more personalized time with my furry four legged clients is that they’ve become to know and love me just how I love them. Having your groom pup searching for you and then go running and tackling you with kisses and crying out of excitement is by far the most amazing and rewarding experience. Not only do you know you’ve done something right along the way but you know that pup has trusted you and allowed you into their life. Nothing beats that feeling. Grooming is so much more than just the haircut, it’s the pets experience.” – Kaitlyn, Leawood

I like building personal relationships with each one of my clients and their pets. Also, I love having one on one time with every dog that I groom!” – Tericka, Chesterfield

My favorite part about grooming at TU would have to be the private one on one appointments. It’s less stressful for the pups and most of them even look forward to their grooming appointment!” – Paige, Central West End

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