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Kitty City Kansas & Tenth Life – March Spotlight Organizations

In conjunction with March Catness, Treats Unleashed has selected Kitty City Kansas and Tenth Life to be our Spotlight Organizations for this month!

Spotlight treats are just 95¢ each, and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to these two great rescue groups so that they can continue to provide veterinary care, foster care and nurturing for special needs cats and kittens until they are ready for their furever homes!

What makes Kitty City Kansas so amazing?
Kitty City Kansas Rescue is a fabulous non-profit group of rescuers and individuals who have a special affinity for cats. They take special needs kittens and cats from various area shelters and occasionally the public, that are too young or too ill to thrive in the traditional shelter environment.

They also specialize in Siamese, Maine Coon and other mixes. They then place them in foster homes and nurture them until they are old enough and healthy enough to be adopted. Since many of the animals they take in are very small or many times ill, monetary support is always needed to help with medical expenses. And a general donation is always appreciated! Because they are an all-volunteer group, all monetary donations go towards the care of the animals … not pay checks! So your purchase of every Spotlight Treat in may for 95¢ will go to help them care for special cats and kittens whose needs are just a little bit greater!

Tenth Life does amazing things for kitties in need!
Tenth Life Cat Rescue saves stray cats and kittens in the St. Louis area, prioritizing those felines with special needs. Stage one of their mission: save as many cats as possible from the dangers of street life and place them in foster homes until adoption. They network with other local rescues and veterinarians to locate and treat special-needs cats and other strays who would otherwise be euthanized.

Do you have a “Problematic Cat Behavior?” On their website, you can click on the the issues listed below below to read valuable information that will help both you and your cat!

  • Scratching on furniture or people and declawing
  • Vocalizing
  • Jumping up on forbidden surfaces
  • Overgrooming
  • Chewing
  • Aggression towards other cats
  • And more!

Tenth Life is operated entirely by volunteers, so any time and effort you can give would be greatly appreciated!

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