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10 reasons why you should care about your pet's teeth

hearts dental 201610 reasons why you should care about your pet’s teeth
~ February is National Pet Dental Health Month! ~

​One of our pack members just spent​ a lot of $$$$ on a teeth cleaning and extraction of a broken and painful tooth (see #8 on the list!) for their beloved 7-year-old dog​, so​ we thought we would share this article that discusses why pet dental care is really important! Her mom noted that as soon as her baby has recovered, they will be feeding more frozen raw food and raw meaty and recreational bones to keep her teeth pearly white!

Dental health advantages of raw diets and bones*

  • Cleaner, whiter teeth for dogs and cats
  • No need for special dental chews
  • Less teeth brushing
  • Save money on costly dental cleanings* Living enzymes or active proteins in raw foods and bones help create healthy flora in the mouth. These flora assist in maintaining a healthy environment in the mouthby controlling tartar and plaque that can cause peridontal disease. The feeding of raw bones can aid in the removal of plaque and tartar.

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