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Frankie's in the House!

frankieRonald McDonald House of St. Louis has a new therapy dog named Frankie, thanks to a generous donor who has purchased Frankie and paid for her extensive five month training to become a certified therapy dog, mastering more than 80 different skill requirements.
“There`s a donor that wishes to remain anonymous that has agreed to donate a dog like this to any Ronald McDonald House that wants one,” says Matt Lauer, Senior Manager House Operations Ronald McDonald House. “So we were one of the first in that program to get one.”
Frankie, is a six-month old Australian Labradoodle, and because she is hypoallergenic, she is a perfect pup to spent time with RMH patients whose immune systems may be suppressed. 
Primary duties for Frankie consist of being “Chief Pawsitivity Officer.” Many families have extended stays of up to six months, and miss their beloved pets at home. Frankie works hard every day to bring joy and smiles to the families in her charge.
Treats Unleashed is proud to support Frankie’s important job! We are supplying Frankie with the all-natural foods and treats that she needs to have a long, healthy career making families smile!  
To learn more about the Ronald McDonald House and see photos of Frankie at work, visit their Facebook page. The Ronald McDonald House is located on the Mercy Hospital campus in Creve Coeur.