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Does you dog sink or swim? Always use a PDF!

pet saver life jacketLife vest. Life preserver. Life jacket.
No matter what you call them, a personal flotation device (PFD) is a necessity for any dog owner who takes their pet near a pool, on the beach, or out in a boat on the water. Not all dogs are Olympic swimmers, so don’t take a chance with their safety. Some dogs who have lower body fat levels, such as Great Danes, do not do well in the water. Others like the Enlish bulldog have too much body weight and will sink like a rock! Even good swimmers like labs may not be able to make it to shore as they get older. Don’t risk your dog’s life – always use a PFD!

Treats Unleashed carries a complete selection of stylish and functional life preservers for dogs, in multiple sizes for a perfect fit. To determine the proper fit for your dog, please stop by your favorite Treats Unleashed location for a personal fitting. It is always better to shop in person than online to make sure the life jacket is the perfect fit. We’ll make sure that the straps fit snugly without cutting in anywhere on your dog. We’ll also have your dog sit in the vest as well as stand so you can be sure it is comfortable for her.

Visit the store to pick up a life jacket before you head to the lake!

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