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cooper's corner x2 – april 4

cooper’s corner
This week something very odd happened – Teresa and Ian filled their cars with two pallets (a $1,200 value) of cat food and litter! Did this mean we were adding several litters of cats to our family? Hmm … so I started snooping around and discovered that they were taking all those supplies to Tenth Life Cat Rescue, our February Spotlight Organization. Did you know that they offer cat owners a free behavior helpline and are a great info source for all things cats?  I’m sending you all a big “Thank You” for buying Spotlight Treats! You know, I think it might have been interesting to have a few felines join our pack. Email me and let me know if you have felines and canines in your household. Better yet, send me a pic of your gang!

Cebrez  Shaphincooper’s corner II
I had so much to share this week, I had to write two articles! Boy, did I have fun looking at the #toocute puppy pics! Thanks to everyone who sent in a photo for my contest! The winner of the free bag of Assorted Treats was Cebrez Shapin (pictured at left). To see all the adorable entries​, visit our web page.

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