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brutus' barks – june 7

Brutus with bandanna<this week, i’m sharing a secret! you can reach me at brutus@treats-unleashed.com.>
This probably isn’t worthy of TMZ, but I have secret! I am usually a “tuff” guy, but I just can’t handle hot weather. So Kim makes sure I never leave home without my handy Water Rover. It’s perfect for when I go on outings with my two-legged brother, just the right size for a quick drink to keep me cool. (And no, I don’t share – he doesn’t share his bottle either!) On days when it’s stifling, I don my super chic Kool Collar – it really helps keep me from getting overheated, which is no laughing matter for a Frenchie. There are many great items to help us keep our “cool!” Stop by the shop and check them out.

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