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cooper's corner – april 5

Cooper - Rescued pup, "shop dog" and popular author of Cooper's Corner<this week, i celebrated my gotcha day! you can reach me at cooper@treats-unleashed.com.
Most people think of April 1 as a “fool’s” day. For me, it is most important day of my life, my “gotcha day!” One year ago, Teresa and Ian came to the high-kill shelter after some nice person called them and said there was a doxie whose time was up, could they please consider going to get him? I was a sad and lonely doxie, and they picked me!

What a difference a year makes. I am so lucky to a member of this pack – with my brother, Max, and sister, Mia, and my human mom and dad, Teresa and Ian! I even have a cousin named Moose, two-legged nieces and a nephew, an aunt and uncle and loving grandparents.
Because I don’t know my real birthday, the whole pack celebrated my “gotcha day” with a special Treats Unleashed cake, treats, party hats and presents. So, if you’ve been blessed like I have to find a forever home, don’t fret about not knowing your birth date. Having a “gotcha day” celebration is lots of fun. Just talk with your two-legged family about having a “gotcha day.” I know that everyone will enjoy it!
Drop me a line at cooper@treats-unleashed.com and share your “gotcha day” stories with me!

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