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truman's tips – march 15

tru oscar and keagan 1Just call me O’Truman this week because as the saying goes, “If you’re enough lucky to be Irish … You’re lucky enough!” It’s no blarney that my leprechaun pals, Oscar and Keagan, are excited about all of the great St. Patrick’s Day treats and fun toys in the shop. The two-legged members of my clan will be getting together for some corned beef and cabbage, but Oscar, Keagan and I will stick to our regular food and hope that some of the corned beef drops our way.

If you’ve read Jess’s note, then you know how excited I am about our new chapter in our lives. Oscar, Keagan and I are very interested in moving into our new house. It has a big, fenced-in backyard that backs up to the woods and is full of squirrels, a nice big deck to soak up the sun, and I have access to both via a doggie door (as long as Jess is home, of course ). Grandma & Grandpa are only a short road trip away, so we will get to see them often. It goes without saying that I will miss all of the fresh baked treats and most especially all of you – my great TU friends!

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