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how to clean (and prevent) icy paws

snow dogHas this ever happened to you? Your dogs are happily romping in the snow – but on the way home, they begin to limp.

What happened? If you were near sidewalks or driveways, they may have stepped on salt or ice melting chemicals, which are irritating to sensitive paw pads. It’s also possible they have ice crystals lodged within their paw.

The solution? Wash your dog’s paws!
If your dog won’t let you clean out his paw, then you’ll have to settle for soaking them.

  • You could put him in the bathtub and fill it up with enough warm water to cover his feet.
  • You could also keep an old pan by the door (or a cookie sheet with raised edges on the sides), fill it with warm water and have your dog step in it when he comes in.

These methods will help melt ice crystals and clean off rock salt used to melt ice. Rock salt can dry out your pet’s paw pads.

An alternative to salt and chemical ice melters is sand or gravel. They won’t melt the ice but will give you some traction and won’t irritate sensitive paw pads.

Best way to prevent salty paws altogether? Use booties such as Pawz Boots to Bootie) or a wax like Pawz Stick Paw Wax (both are available at all TU shops). What solutions have you found? We’d love to hear about it on our Facebook page.

Source: The Wellness Blog

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