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cooper's corner – march 15

Cooper - Rescued pup, "shop dog" and popular author of Cooper's Corner<this week, just call me o’coop! you can reach me at cooper@treats-unleashed.com.>
Just call me O’Coop this week because as the saying goes, “If you’re enough lucky to be Irish … You’re lucky enough!” It’s no blarney that my leprechaun pals are excited about all of the great St. Patrick’s Day treats and fun toys in the shops. After I make the rounds this weekend, the two-legged members of my clan are getting together for some corned beef and cabbage. Wee Max, colleen Mia and I will stick to our raw food and hope that some of the corned beef drops our way. Speaking of food, if you or your pet parent have questions about pet food, head out to the Oakville shop on Tuesday evening for my casual discussion on “Pet Foods 101.” I’ll be bringing Teresa along, and she will have info on healthy food options for you. “Sláinte!”

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