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truman's tips – sept. 7

<this week, i’m talking bandannas. you can reach me at truman@treats-unleashed.com.>

In my handy Merriam-Webster dictionary for dogs, I learned that the word bandanna comes from the Hindi word bāndhnū and the Urdu word bāndhnū and means tie-dyeing, cloth so dyed, ultimately from Sanskrit “he ties.” Its first known use was in 1741. To me, the word bandanna means a fashion statement and big savings!

Now you can purchase cool Treats Unleashed’s logoed bandannas at your favorite shop. Wondering where the big savings comes in? Well, simply come in the shop wearing one of these chic (I’ll cover that word another time), trendy TU bandannas and you will save 20% on any of our world-famous, fresh-baked treats! Looking good and eating well – what more could a dog ask for?

The TU bandannas are available in small and large sizes, in pink, green or orange, for $3.99. Our FBC member Clover is already styling in her TU bandanna. I’m thinking these may be the fashion accessory of the year!

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