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truman's tips – aug. 24

<this week this week, i’m getting in touch with my masculine side! you can reach me at truman@treats-unleashed.com for questions or shout outs.>

Most of you know I am a miniature dachshund, long-bodied and muscular, with short, stubby legs, paddle-shaped front paws, slightly loose skin and great lung capacity, in other words the perfect body for chasing prey in their burrows. That means when I get groomed I want a “manly” smell; I don’t want to smell like peaches and rainbows!

So when my mom, Jessica, tried the Tropiclean’s Sport for HIm Shampoo & Cologne, I detected whiffs of that popular cologne for men ( you know the one with the polo ponies?). I decided this was a scent I could live with and all the ladies would love it , too! It has a masculine fragrance along with a burst of ginger and nectarine to awaken the senses, while soothing the skin with oatmeal. It has a clean freshness and provides my beautiful long coat with a long-lasting scent.

I like the products so much, I comvinced them to offer a gift basket of Tropicleans products as the prize for this week’s photo caption – be sure to post your entry on our Facebook page or email Sparky’s mom at nancy@treats-unleashed.com.

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