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Truman's Tips – aug. 17

<each week i’ll be bringing you news and information from around treats unleashed. i can be reached at truman@treats-unleashed.com for questions or shout outs.>

I had a “shout out” this week from my feline friend, Lucy. She was requesting (she has sharp claws, so I am all about respecting her wishes!) that I devote this week’s column to TU’s senior cats. Here are a few tips to help Lucy and other cats age gracefully:

  • Add activities. Moderate exercise remains extremely useful.
  • Increase pampering. Feed what the cat wants, within healthy reason.
  • Supplement the diet. Add supplements, vitamins and antioxidants; we’ll will be happy to answer any questions you may have about finding the best ones for your cat.
  • Avoid stress. A new kitten or other big changes might be too much for an elderly cat.
  • Add comfort. Consider a new bed and a more comfortable furniture arrangement.
  • Several natural remedies exist to calm animals or induce sleep. TU’s shop associates can assist you in selecting all-natural tinctures or tonics for your senior feline.
  • Make the litterbox more accessible.
  • Maintain the cat’s weight, and consider elevating the food bowls.
  • Increase daily interaction with the cat.
  • A thorough senior wellness exam by your veterinarian will help promote the longest and healthiest life possible for your beloved cat.

Special thanks to Fox Creek Veterinary Hospital for sharing these helpful tips.

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