We supply everything you need to get your pet squeaky clean, and we clean up the mess too!

All-Natural Shampoo and Conditioner

Ear Wash

Air Dryer and Towels

Brushes and Combs


Aprons to keep you dry!

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9th wash is FREE!

$16 – Purchase your pet’s all-inclusive self-wash online! Then, pack up your pups and head to your local neighborhood shop to freshen up! No appointment necessary. Self-wash closes 1 hour before store close. (May only be redeemed Monday through Friday at Leawood, KS shop.)

$19 – Saturdays and Sundays at Leawood, KS shop.

Watch the Self-Wash in Action!

Treats Unleashed is a flea-free environment. We have natural flea products to take home if needed.