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What Thanksgiving Foods Are Safe For Pets?

Posted on 11.22.2021

It's hard to say 'no' to those big puppy dog eyes. (We get it - we are in the treat business after all!) But "people food" can present a lot of dietary dangers for your pet, if you are not careful. Every year around Thanksgiving, veterinarian's see an increase in cases of pets with upset stomachs. Here are some food tips for your pet to enjoy Thanksgiving, with safe foods and foods to avoid:

Turkey - A bit of plain turkey meat can be fine for your pet to enjoy, but we would recommend staying away from the seasonings on the skin. And never let your pet have cooked poultry bones, as they tend to be brittle and can splinter. The higher the temperature the turkey is cooked at, the higher the risk of bones splintering. Best to avoid the bones altogether, and give a small amount of plain turkey meat.

Mashed Potatoes - Potatoes can be a dog friendly snack, but, just as with the turkey, avoid the seasonings and dairy heavy additions. Sweet potatoes are also a great option, but skip the marshmallow topping. If you do share either type of potato with your pet, make sure it's just a small amount.

Stuffing/Dressing - While a family favorite, you'll want to pass on this dish with your pet. Stuffing is typically made with a base of butter, onions and spices, most of which can cause tummy upsets for your pet.

Desserts - It's best for pets to avoid the dessert table completely. Most of our sweet treats this time of year are rich with butter, cream and warm spices. Which sound delicious for us, but could be dangerous for pets. While cinnamon is safe for pets, nutmeg can prove to be toxic.

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