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St. Patrick's Day Foods and Treats!

Posted on 03.10.2022

Many of us look forward to corned beef and cabbage on March 17 every year, along with several other fun food traditions. But what about your pet? Here are some fun and festive ideas to help your pet celebrate St. Patrick's Day, the foodie way!

Whimzees Chews - Improve your dog's dental health with these all natural chews, in the colors of the Irish flag! Whimzees chews come in various shapes and sizes, and are made with only six primary ingredients. They are also grain and gluten free, vegetarian, easily digestible and low in fat.

Bowser Beer - Enjoy a pint with your pup! Bowser Beer is an all safe, non-alcoholic supplement for your dog. The meaty broth is available in two flavors, chicken & beef, with both featuring Vitamin B for shiny coats and glucosamine for joint health. Have your pup try it by itself or as a topper on their favorite food. Cheers!

Merrick Kiss Me I'm Irish Stew - Ready for dinner? Classic flavors of beef, potatoes, carrots, and a bit o' green peas round out this delicious dish for your dog. Dig in! Use as a topper on your pet's favorite kibble or as a meal itself.

Primal Fresh Topper Power Greens - Go green! Packed full of leafy greens, chia seeds, mushrooms, coconut oil and sardine oil, this tasty topper enhances your pet's dry food and boosts their immune system. Great for dogs and cats!

We hope this gives you some fun meal ideas for your pet, that also boosts their health. How will you celebrate with your pet this year? Shop all of our St. Patrick's Day selections here.

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