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Shop Dog Feature - Marley at Oakville

Posted on 04.20.2022

As part of an ongoing monthly feature, we will be introducing some of our favorite team members - the Treats Unleashed shop dogs, alongside their human counterparts! Meet Marley from the Oakville shop.

Hi there and welcome to my store! Even though I'm a little slower with age, I still work really hard when I join Mom for a day at Treats Unleashed. My many tasks include treat quality control, greeting customers and their humans, sniffing around the store, and following Mom around wherever she goes. Of course, I also take great pride in keeping Mom's friends safe and sound as well! I just have to know what's going on at all times in order to do this, even with my one eye. Sometimes she even puts me in a chair so I can see over the counter, which I certainly appreciate. Whenever Mom is decorating those delicious cookies I still have to remind her that I haven't had a sample yet. I've definitely come a long way from the stray my Mom found; she's turned me into a hard working member of society! My favorite treats include Pumpkin and Cheeseburger Soft Bites as well as anything made of cake. Come stop by Treats Unleashed Oakville and give me some pets!

My name is Victoria and I've worked at Treats Unleashed Oakville since February 2021. I rescued Marley as a stray in April 2014 and he quickly became my little shadow and my best friend! My guess as to his current age is somewhere around 12, but he doesn't let his age keep him down. Marley follows me around everywhere I go making sure I'm staying busy while on the clock. He adores everyone on the team here at Oakville and often asks for pets by staring deeply into our souls until we give in. If customers (and especially their dogs) come in and don't greet him, he quickly speaks up and reminds him just who is in charge until scratches and pets are given. Marley only lays down around the last hour of my shift; he always has to know what's going on in the store. As soon as we get in the car to go home, he passes out from all the hard work he did that day. He loves coming with me to work and loves all of the extra love and attention he gets at Oakville.

You can find Marley at our Oakville shop at 5626 Telegraph Rd. Stop by and say hi next time you are in the neighborhood!

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