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Shop Dog Feature - Lexus at Creve Coeur

Posted on 03.22.2022

As part of a new monthly feature, we will be introducing some of our favorite team members - the Treats Unleashed shop dogs, alongside their human counterparts! Meet Lexus from the Creve Coeur shop.

My name is Padme "Lexus" Amidala (I go by Lexus or Lex). I am currently the Queen of Creve Coeur and I am 6 years old. I come to work with my mom, Kelly, the store manager. You might have seen me when I worked at Ladue and South Kirkwood for a little. I can be very shy sometimes, but my mommy gives me my CBD everyday. It really helps me with those big storms we get too, so much that I can sleep through them now! My most favorite toy is anything from Fluff and Tuff - the louder the squeak, the more fun it is! I also help my mom with quality control of the fresh baked treats. My other favorite treats are the Primal Freeze Dried nuggets - they are the best and so yummy!  My mom feeds me the most delicious food twice a day: NutriSource dry food topped with Earth Animal Wisdom. I also love when mom gives me Primal Goats milk on my food,  the Blueberry is my favorite. If you would ask me to pick a favorite chew, I would say the Earth Animal No Hides in Peanut Butter. While I am not a fan of getting my nails done, those three nice ladies in the back are so patient with me and take their time, so I don't get too scared. They talk soft and nice to me and go slow. I really like those three ladies.

My name is Kelly, and I have worked for Treats Unleashed since October of 2016!  I started out at Oakville, then to Des Peres as Assistant Manager, then to Ladue and Creve Coeur as store manager. Lexus loves going everywhere. Anytime I grab my keys she gets so excited and the whole ride her head is all the way out the window rain, snow or shine.  She doesn't care what the weather is, she loves the breeze! Once we get in, Lexus does a perimeter sniff and follows me everywhere opening the store.  That is one of our favorite times, when we have the whole store to ourselves - she can be free and follow me everywhere.  Lexus spends her day with me laying on her bed relaxing.  If I start working on the computer, she gets right in the corner balls up and sleeps there.  She is shy with people but loves sniffing and kissing all the dogs that come up to the gate to see her.  When my groomer brings her dog, Lexus gets SO excited and jumps around.  (I think they know cookies are coming...) When I am helping customers, you would never know Lexus is here. She never barks; she just waits for me to come back behind the counter.  When my day is over, I ask her if she is ready to go home - she jumps in the car and if I don't get the window down fast enough she starts crying.  When we get home she runs right to her brothers to rub it in that she spent the day with Mom greeting all the dogs at work then passes out stretched out snoring. Customer service really wears her out!

You can find Lexus at our Creve Coeur shop at 11617 Olive Blvd. Stop by and say hi next time you are in the neighborhood!

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