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Where Can I Wash My Dog Myself?

Posted on 05.03.2022

Self serve dog washes can be the best thing for you and your best friend. Why? Our dog washes are available everyday at participating locations and stocked with everything you need to keep your pup fresh and clean between grooming appointments. The up and down Spring weather can make your pet's outside time a bit of a muddy mess. Rather than cutting down on their activity or cleaning your dog (and then your tub), take your dog to Treats Unleashed! Not only does the self serve dog wash include shampoo, conditioner, cologne/finishing spray, brushes & combs, towels and a cool air dryer, but the Treats Unleashed team will also clean up after you!

We know how great and convenient our self serve dog washes are, but don't just listen to us. Here is what other pet parents have to say about our dog washes:

"The self-wash bath was clean and well stocked. The nail trimmer was excellent--still professional and caring, even when my large dog was less than pleasant." - Nancy C.

"We love Treats Unleashed. The treats are great, but my dog is an easy customer. She'd eat anything. Its the grooming services and the self serve dog wash that keep us coming back!" - Betsy H.

"After my boys got completely covered in mud playing at the park, staff let me come right in to bathe them with no appt. Tubs were great, and super easy to use the nozzle (it has soap, rinse, and conditioner settings). Afterwards they were given treats by staff! Couldn't give staff more praise! Ty!" - Erin C.

"SO very happy to have a Treats Unleashed in our neighborhood! The dogs love the treats (and birthday cakes!) and I love the wide variety of products. We used the self-service dog baths today, and were extremely pleased!" - Lori L.

"The best self dog washing experience. Loved it!!" - Vicki R.

Self serve dog washes are available everyday at all participating shops. Appointments are encouraged, but walk-ins are welcome too! Try out the dog wash for yourself and see why other pet parents won't go anywhere else. Self serve dog washes are just $15 per pet. Weekday dog washes are just $10 for the month of May! Find your closest neighborhood shop here and make a plan to visit soon. Self Serve Dog Washes not available at Leawood or Northland locations.

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